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Eco-friendly is certainly a buzz word at the moment and rightly so. It’s a wave that’s come over us and is here to stay. Many people have been aware of the need to behave in a different way with consumer products for many, many years now, whilst others have been far slower to catch up.
Many of us are far from perfect. For example, I’m really good with all the recycling, food waste etc BUT would I be brave enough to leave all my packaging behind in a supermarket? Probably not, unless there was a crowd doing it. I’m not even sure why. At least if we all do what we can everyone is moving in the right direction.
So…. I’m doing what I can and consider myself an improver!
In my business as a gift wrapper I’ve noticed a change in how my audience think. I’m often asked questions now about recycling paper. Even two years ago, I wasn’t ever asked that. I’m often astounded that some people still don’t realise that glittery paper and extremely shiny paper cannot be recycled. I’m also astonished that people think Eco-friendly is only about brown paper! ( more of that later). ITV came to me before Christmas and asked about recycling wrapping paper too.
Before Christmas I ran some gift wrapping workshops for John Lewis customers.  I thought it was brilliant that a retail giant like John Lewis were addressing issues like recycling , and they plan to do amazing things in the Eco-friendly field by 2020. So I ,for example, could showcase their Limestone Wrap. It’s made from limestone waste and is far greener than any other sheeny wrap I know. That’s right….. sheeny! So you can get that luxurious feel and look and be ‘green’.
There are also a number of companies creating gift wrap which is locally sourced or its handmade and completely biodegradable. Check out All Wrapped Up UK or Papermirchi. And if you are a glitter lover that’s okay too! It’s now possible to buy Eco glitter. Try Eco Stardust for example. You can face paint with it (its cosmetic grade) or decorate your gift tags with it! What’s more, you can use all these things and feel slightly smug because you’ll be creating things of beauty and not harming the planet.
With all this in mind I’m launching a new workshop this year. It’s going to be called Eco-Luxe. It’s called that because I don’t want you to think it’s only about brown paper. It’s not! Don’t get me wrong, I love brown paper but I also love gorgeous, beautiful paper, silk ribbons, Japanese pleating and Furoshiki…. so let’s do it.
I have a selection of workshops so when you are arranging yours please mention which one you’d particularly love to do. Hop over and find me on Instagram/ Facebook where the latest news and ideas are often revealed first.

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