Call me a dinosaur….

I’ve always been one to drag my heels with social media. Call me a dinosaur but I get a buzz from interacting with real people not a screen.

When I first had a website to showcase my gift wrapping business, I really thought that was enough. I was done!

Then I added a blog so people could see little step by step tutorials and get a bit of inspiration. Job done! So I thought…..

My sons thought Twitter would suit me because my text replies are short and sweet e.g.

Son ‘ will you be in tonight?’

Me ‘yep’

So you can see they were correct, I don’t have the problem most people have of not having enough characters. I embraced Twitter instantly and it’s served me well. I have had all sorts of opportunities that have come directly from Twitter. Twitter and I were, and perhaps still are, a match made in heaven.

Then one day, at a workshop with eight lovely ladies, I was begged to showcase all my wrapping on Instagram. I resisted……obviously. Eventually though I caved in and thought I’d just give a try. Guess what? I got beyond mere flirting with IG ……it became a whole new love affair. Who’d have thought?

I know all this will make you think I’m very cool and down with the kids BUT IM NOT!

Everyone else in the world is on Facebook. I’m trying to embrace Facebook but do you know, I’ve barely got as far as a luke warm cuddle. I’m not feeling it. I’m still not quite seeing the point when I’m doing the other stuff…so if you’re on Facebook please connect to Gift Frippery I’ll be pleased to make some friends. And do bear with me…. it could take a while!

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