Chocolate Takeover!

Chocolate Takeover!

Sounds like a wonderful thing in my life and indeed it is. This whole year I have collaborated with @shcsocialmedia #cnwm and provided wrapped after lunch chocolates at their networking event. This was a lovely opportunity to share what I do in a more memorable way. I talk about my business and then give everyone a small wrapped gift of chocolate. These are discerning ladies so it’s always quality chocolate and, as you would expect …….beautifully wrapped.


The networking is held in a small vintage shop called @heartfeltvintage , look out for them on Instagram and Twitter. Whilst we’re sharing ideas and helping each other, we are surrounded by gorgeous vintage wedding gowns and whilst I found it a little distracting to start with I love it now. You can imagine us all sitting there making our outfit wish lists if we were to get married all over again!!


The great thing about this small group is people get to know you and tell you things about yourself you didn’t realise or they sometimes see you and your business in a different light. For example when I asked ‘ is £5 an acceptable amount for you to pay to have a very special present gift wrapped?’ I expected a quick show of hands telling me yes. I didn’t expect a whole debate, with people saying I have especially lovely creative ideas with my gift wrapping that people would be very very happy to pay for. I felt a little overwhelmed by all the compliments actually as I always excuse my business as being the light entertainment!!

Anyway this resulted in my agreeing to make prices for different levels of wrapping ….there will be a new page on this website soon. In the meantime as I’ve had a lot of practise, let me show you how to make a humble bar of chocolate look great!

img_9228                        img_0209

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