Well, not just any old chocolate, but beautifully wrapped chocolate. Fourteen bars of it!

Don’t worry I’m not that greedy, each month I wrap after dinner chocolate for a small networking group who meet in the most delicious looking vintage shop in Bristol.

When I say vintage shop, in case any of you are thinking fusty, musty, stinky shabby etc etc…….this shop is gorgeous gowns, and bags all prettily presented around small French cafe style tables and chairs. So, it’s networking with an experience.

Some times I find it hard to concentrate when a particular handbag is calling my name!!!

Anyway, I was thinking about this shop and it’s lovely dresses….even wedding dresses… That I decided to uses magazine photos of real brides as wrapping. And then I added real bows and tiny flowers to embellish. They all look so pretty!

With thanks to @hfeltvintage @shcsocialmedia @rocknrollbride @waitrose. Do give them all a follow on Twitter , you’ll find me there too @giftfrippery


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