DIY ribbons dyed with botanicals

Making my own ribbons is something I have done before with fabrics but there was something extra special about the thought of actually creating them. I love pretty things so dyeing with petals really appealed to me. I didn’t buy flowers I just waited for a breezy day and collected fallen petals from the plants in my garden.
The fabric needs pre-mordanting . If you don’t mordant your fabric the dye won’t take. Google it to get what you need, depending on your fabric. I bought very cheap silk in Fabricland and it worked perfectly for my needs.
So, off we go, protect your table, I used cellophane. Lay your damp fabric out and at one end sprinkle your whole or torn petals randomly over half the fabric.
Put white wine vinegar in a spray bottle and lightly spray over all the petals and fabric. Fold the empty half of fabric to cover the petal half. Spray all over this with the vinegar ( you’re going to want some chips when you’ve finished!!) sprinkle more petals, fold again. Keep doing the sprinkling, spraying and folding. The whole thing will be wet through with vinegar by the end of the process.
Roll up as tightly as you can and bind with string, leaving a couple of long ends on the string. The bundle now needs steaming gently for an hour. I don’t have a steamer so I improvised with a colander over a saucepan and put a lid on top.
For one hour you can now pace around being impatient for the results!!!
When the hour is over, turn off the heat, remove the bundle using the long lengths of string so you don’t burn yourself. Let it cool for a while.
Gradually open the bundle carefully and shake off all the petals. This part is like magic, because you can never be too sure how it will turn out. Was very gently ,by hand, with a tiny drop of something like Dr Bronners in the water.
Once dry use your fabric as you wish. I ripped ( I love a raw edge) my silk into beautiful ribbons. I’m happy with the result and I’m going to do it again on holiday with hibiscus flowers, which I’ve heard give a beautiful result.
If you have a go at this please let me see you results! Find Gift Frippery on Instagram, twitter and Facebook.

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