Happy New Year!

Daily Mail
Professional gift wrapper Amanda White. December 18 2016.

Was 2016 a marvellous year? I can’t pretend it was ALL marvellous, like many of you it had its ups and downs, some plain sailing and some bumps. Most of the bumps were health related with the extended family. All the marvellous bits were also connected with family….. A new baby on the way  for my lovely son and his girlfriend. An art show in New York for my youngest son and his partner. And a visit over Christmas from my daughter and her family ( from Australia). Having all my family under my roof is a rare treat these days as they all grow up, fly the nest and establish their own lives. Celebrating a rather big birthday, I spent three weeks in India (see earlier blog post) which was fascinating and I long to go back.

So it’s with delight that I’m accepting new challenges with Gift Frippery! One such opportunity arrived with very little notice…. Filming for the Daily Mail online , see the links on page 1 of the website. As I love presenting anyway, I don’t find it daunting, I really enjoy it!

I give many demonstrations to groups and I gave one at a lovely Welsh WI group. They applauded every wrap and invited me to join their festive supper. At the end of the evening they stood and sung me out!!! Yes really, there were some good voices in the hall that night.

I’ve also been invited to help an independent shop offer a gift wrapping service to their customers. I’ll enjoy that, I know, as I’ve done this a couple of times before.

I joined a networking group in Bristol, see earlier blog post, and I love it. I’ve found one that I feel comfortable with and realise how important that is. If you’re going to join one, make sure it’s the right one for you!

So my work starts next week attending an Expert Series workshop with @shcsocialmedia. It will help me find my unique place in the market and use my personality to grow my business.

Watch this space!


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