I received 420 pairs of socks!

Why? Well last year I walked past a homeless man who was making up his bed on the pavement in Bristol.
I carried on past to continue my Christmas shopping. As you do. But it started snowing and everyone was looking up in wonderment as the snow flakes fell around us, and I turned and walked back to the homeless man. I gave him a £20 noir and asked him to use it to sleep somewhere warm and safe that night.
This played on my mind. Usually happy to buy food or drink I don’t like to give money because it can be spent, let’s say ,unwisely.
That night I told my husband and son what I’d done and explained how uncomfortable I was feeling. If that guy had spent it unwisely then he’d be battling with sub zero temperatures as well as anything else. It was there in the back of my head on and off all winter.
This September I thought of a small idea that can’t change lives but can put a smile on a homeless persons face. Here’s what I did.
I asked all sorts of groups I belong to if anyone would donate some brand new socks. I would wrap them and distribute them to homeless people on the streets of Bristol. Many people had suggestions and advice, all well meaning, but I wanted to do this my way.
I asked a friend, Ruth ,to help. Together we collected and wrapped. We collected from our contacts and groups, people dropped off socks to my house and two shops offered to be collection points.
We were in business!
We collected 420 pairs of brand new socks . The wrapping began. I worked out exactly how I wanted them done. Each pair has only one small piece of sticky tape, ninety per cent of the paper used is recyclable. There’s a little video of what I did below.
How do I feel about you all copying my idea? DO IT!
I would love to have inspired others. Go ahead, share the love and do an act of kindness.
Please follow me on Instagram ( GiftFrippery) where I will be documenting the the delivery day in my stories. I’m going out with the gift wrapped socks and having a chat and offering them to the homeless people I meet.

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