Make a show-off paper flower!

I feel slightly guilty. I’m a Facebook virgin, and someone kindly showed me these paper flowers on Facebook and I promptly made one, but now have no clue how to find the original person and honour them!!!
Anyway, these are very simple… can make one too.
You need brightly coloured crepe paper. I found mine wasn’t quite as thick as I expected and therefore didn’t have as much stretch as I’d have liked.
You also need a glue gun and a paper plate.
Cut petal shapes from double paper. Pinch them together at the base.
When you’ve made a batch, glue gun them all around the paper plate.
Then make another batch of petals in the same way but smaller this time. Glue them to the plate but a little nearer the centre.
I used pale yellow crepe paper for the centre of my flower. I cut a pile ( maybe 8) of circles and used a small dot of glue in the centre between each layer, so they all stay together.  Then started cutting inwards but not all the way.
When you’ve cut all the way round, separate the ‘stamens’ gently but in random fashion direct-wise.
Separate all the large petals gently, easing them inwards and glue the stamens into the centre. Suddenly, everything comes together and looks rather fabulous. I might just try making a smaller one as a gift topper…..because it would be daft not to, in my world! Fripping fabulous!!!!

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