Never buy another gift bag!

Why should you spend a small fortune on gift bags? When you’ve got a spare hour and some leftover, beautiful gift wrap, like this one from EMILY BURNINGHAM, you can make a small stash of them in different sizes.
I used an empty cereal box ( I love these!!!) but can can use any box you have handy. Fold your paper over a little at the top of your bag. Then fold the paper round the box ( neatly but not too tight as you’ll have to ease it out later!) secure the overlap with a glue stick and leave a few minutes for it to stick properly.
At the base, secure exactly as you would a normal parcel end. Neatly and with glue stick again, or a glue gun.
Ease the box out.
There will be obvious creased folds at the sides of the bag from where it fitted around the box. Crease these more obviously most of the way down.
Carefully encourage the bag to fold flat ( useful for storage)
I punched a single hole on each side at the top of the bag but you could do two holes each side, if you were making a larger bag.
My lovely gift bag, all ready for someone’s birthday gift. The Emily Burningham paper is exceptionally beautiful and very good quality. Expect to see more! Find Gift Frippery on Instagram, twitter and Facebook.

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