One of the best things I did in 2016!

One of the best things I did in 2016!

Browsing on Twitter a few weeks ago brought unexpected pleasure. Ben, from @caringinbristol, was tweeting and asking for gift wrapping help. GIFT WRAPPING HELP????? That’s got my name on it, I thought, let’s find out more.


So, Caring in Bristol, is a local charity that helps homeless people in Bristol all year round. We do think of people less fortunate than ourselves at Christmas but it should really be all year. Ben and I had a chat and I volunteered to help. Bristol Energy offered the use of a space on the waterfront in central Bristol. It’s a hive of activity there complete with an artisan market.

So his plan was to offer gift wrapping in return for donations to the cause. It’s a brilliant and positive and happy way to raise funds. The first day we did a lot of prep to set the following weekends wrappers up. The general public are very good and people were making small donations even if they didn’t have anything for us to wrap!


It will be interesting to see how much they raise.

Ben and I did a lot of chatting, he’s passionate about the cause, and Caring in Bristol will be my chosen charity in 2017. Ben has big ideas for next years wrapping event, he ll need volunteers again and I’m going to help him organise it. Watch this space.


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