Paper Making In India


Who’d have thought that when I went to India the holiday would get gate crashed by the Royals… Kate and Will?

I certainly didn’t expect it but it was rather entertaining to have them in our hotel.


India had been top of my wish list for years and it certainly did not disappoint. The colours hit you the minute you step out of the airport. The colours mostly coming from the saris. Beautiful. The sounds also hit you at the same time. The traffic is full on and so are the horns beeping! And the smells….of food, spices, garlic, onion, curry and all the sweet treats Indian people love so much. It’s a feast for the senses that’s for sure.

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I had a small wish list of things to buy. One of the things were bracelets. Not ordinary bangles that you can buy in lots of places but the glass bangles that make an exquisite tinkling sound. They were quite difficult to find but I did! They’d never be sold in the UK because of health and safety and I’m not sure I’ll wear them often either, but I feel like I found treasure that may not be around much longer. Even when I went shopping I managed to find lovely frescoes. I had a photo here because I loved the colours.

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This has to be a top moment! Not your usual tourist spot, but I asked the driver to take me to a paper factory. They hand make the paper and I was like a kid in a sweet shop! I ordered loads to ship back to the UK which I will be selling and using at workshops. Beautiful stuff. At one point on the walk around the factory, I heard lots of banging upstairs so the Manager took us up to see what was happening.

All the women were whacking damp paper with a brush (like a dustpan and brush) to texture the paper. Obviously I asked to join in. They were astonished enough to see a blonde haired, white face in the factory, let alone one that wanted to join in. By the time I’d finished doing my paper, they were laughing and pointing out the bits I’d missed! Money can’t buy experiences like that.and it was more interesting to spend one day doing this instead of seeing yet another red, sandstone fort! Jaipur….I will return.


And finally, me in a dress which a colleague of my husband had sent to the hotel for me. How kind, how lovely….just like every Indian person I met!


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