Pretty bits of loveliness from your own garden.

Pretty bits of loveliness from your own garden.


I came back from a long weekend in Vienna to find ,what on a first glance , looked like a sorry, dried out vase of flowers. They were quite literally dried out though. I had picked them a week before from my garden. There’s few flowers left at this time of year but it may still be possible to rescue hydrangea heads.


Snip the individual flowers off and when completely dry, try the following.


I held the flower with old tweezers and gave it a quick spread with fast grab glue and immediately dunked it into glitter. The glitter I chose was quite fine and it was white. I spayed randomly, definitely not evenly. It gives the look of frost.

img_0661          img_0660

I obviously needed to try this out on a gift wrap immediately. Chose plain brown paper or I’ve used my own hand printed paper ,which has a natural seed pod design.

Frankly I couldn’t be happier with my dead flowers!!! What’s not to love!

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