Top Tips for Christmas Wrapping.


1. Try and pick a plain colour wrapping paper…. Even brown paper or white.

2. Not everything needs a bow. Make a bright red paper windmill instead or a pompom. Tie bells on or fresh ivy.

3. If you love glitter have it on the tags and ribbons, so that the bulk of the paper can be recycled.

4. You don’t have to use normal paper. Try tin foil or glossy black bin liners. For huge presents good quality paper table cloths are brilliant. Put small presents in tin cans and embellish.

5. My personal hate is cheap twirling ribbon that’s tied in a knot, with two little curls that have had scissors run down them! Aaaaagh! I prefer real ribbon ,however, if your budget only allows for the twirling ribbon have thirty two tumbling curls not just two!

6. A squishy gift needs a solid base eg. Sit a teddy bear on a silver cake board then swoosh it up in cellophane. A soft item of clothing eg. A jumper will need a rectangle of cardboard tucked inside to give it more body before you wrap it.

7.  If you have loads of leftover pieces of paper from previous years …group your gifts into families, so each family has coordinating gifts. You can even put a band of fancy paper over very basic paper.

Most people coming to my workshops need inspiration. Why not book your own workshop with me next year when the pressures off and then when next Christmas arrives you’ll be organised, able and inspired!?

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