What would you buy Prince Harry and Meghan?

What would you buy Prince Harry and Meghan?


Just imagine you’d been invited to the royal wedding. What would you have bought the happy couple?

Luckily for you, the only person likely to be buying them a gift is the Queen herself. Her gift is likely to be a house! Everyone else attending the wedding has been asked to make a donation to one of Harry and Meghan’s chosen charities. It includes a number of smaller charities,



Scottys Little Soldiers

Myna Mahila Foundation


Street Games

Surfers Against Sewage

The Wilderness Foundation UK


This started me thinking…. if I was marrying Harry which charities would I like to support? Here’s my list.



Above and Beyond

Food cycle Bristol

Art Refuge UK

Street Smart

St Mungo’s

Penny Brohn UK.      to name but a few.


Lots of people, royal or otherwise, are choosing charitable donations over gifts. Times are obviously changing. People pool everything, move in together and inevitably have two kettles, two toasters etc. They perhaps ask for experiences ,vouchers or currency for their honeymoon.

Gift giving is steeped in history and it’s a special moment when a gift is offered. How special to receive one!


So, the wedding cake photo is actually a gift wrap. It’s simply just four boxes wrapped and stacked. I thought it would be a great way for friends to present money or vouchers. Disguise it a little so there’s a sense of anticipation when the unwrapping starts. Perhaps there’s a note in there stating the charity you’ve donated to,or, it could include promises…. three free evenings of babysitting or three suppers in the first year of marriage. ( I doubt Harry and Meghan need this but your friends might)


Perhaps thoughts  like ‘ I could never do that  wrapping’ are running through your head right this minute.

Perhaps then, this is the time to mention… I teach gift wrapping workshops.


Perhaps it’s also time for me to mention that if you’re a maid of honour and responsible for planning a sophisticated bridal shower you need to talk to me about a custom made, fun and fabulous event where you will all learn gift wrapping skills , the art of embellishing gifts  and leave with a goody bag,


Enjoy the wedding!

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